When will Hen get stabbed?

September 9th 2023 - 17:37

The prophecy and question of: When will Hen get stabbed?

This prophecy originated a long time ago when Hen said in #general that they could beat Jop in smash, following with: "You can't stab me if I'm on the other side of the Atlantic, Joob! Get fucked!!!" This made Jop plan out a way to stab Hen one day in the future.

It was true Hen could not be stabbed while in the US, but this will change one day. Hen will one day come to the Netherlands, to escape their country for greener pastures past the ocean. This timer is counting down to the day Hen arrives and Jop can take action.

New revelations have foretold that Hen won't be the only victim, others have been cursed by Jop as well. This fate has become a punishment to whomever disrespects Jop and will join the growing list of people who are going to get stabbed when the timer runs out.

Though there is rumored to be a way to subvert the prophecy, a way to save the condemned from their fate of getting stabbed. If Hen reaches LCD to play friendlies before Jop can stab anyone, everyone will be saved from a bloody fate.

- This prophecy is entirely based of the search results for the word ‘stab’ in the dammed server.